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Purchasing a house for the first time, and getting your first mortgage is sometimes devastating and intimidating. You can turn to a mortgage broker who will help you secure a refinance loan or even renew your loan.
Mortgage brokers help you get good value and affordable loans, which is designed to meet your circumstances and needs. They help to reduce the time and legwork you would do if you had no assistance from an agent.


Below are some of the reasons why you should choose the best mortgage broker in Vancouver;


1. They will represent you

The agents are financial experts who work on your behalf and are not involved in a particular bank. A financial officer in a bank only works for just the bank, and the bank only pays them according to their contract.

It is for this reason that they only campaign for their financial output to you without considering if they are suitable for your needs or not. Their aim is to make a sale and get a salary without looking out for your best interest.

Instead of being restricted to just one financial product from a specific lending institution, you can work with a loan broker. They work with several different lenders to make sure that you get the best structured possible financial products at the best price. The intermediary is paid a commission by the lenders and not by you.


2. They save you time

The agent will enable you to save on your time as they will be making all the inquiries when it comes to negotiating with the lender and carry out the required paperwork. They also help to get your mortgage approved. After which they will be your contact with any financial related matter.


3. They assist you in finding the best mortgages lenders

It is difficult and stressful to decide on the best mortgage lender you will settle for. You have different needs, and you should put into consideration more factors for taking a loan than just the rate of interest.

You should decide whether you want a fixed or variable mortgage. Get to know the schedule of payment and amortization period. The independency of the intermediary does not limit them to the specific products they can offer you.

They are supposed to look for the best lenders and products which are designed specifically to match your needs. They can choose from private lenders, an insurance company, or even from chartered banks.


4. You do not have to pay the agent

In most cases, you are not needed to pay for the services they have offered. They get their commission from the financial institutions which arranged for your loan. It, in hand, saves your money with no hidden cost of hiring.


5. You can secure a mortgage even with a bad credit

It will be difficult for you to obtain a loan with a lender; if you have bad credit, have unstable and low income, if you are self-employed, if you have been employed for a short period or when you have been declared bankrupt.

The brokers will assist you in securing a loan if you have been turned down by a traditional lender. It will be easier for them for they work with many different lenders and institutions specialized for loans. These institutions assist those individuals with bruised credit in securing a mortgage.

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6. The agents are independent

The intermediaries work for you and not the lender. They will help you get through the confusing world of mortgages. The agents give you a list of the available loan products and help you choose the one that matches your needs and wants; they provide advice and make the necessary recommendations.

They can as well refer you to other qualified personnel like lawyers of a real estate or property appraisers.

7. They have expertise and flexibility to meet your needs and interests

The agents will take you through the process. They will help you in handling the whole process and smoothening any issue that you may encounter along the process. Suppose you have credit issues, the intermediary will help you to decide on which lender will offer quality products which meet your needs.

The agent’s ability and knowledge to successfully secure a loan will be of help when you want a large amount of credit, and then the bank can approve.


8. Helps to save your money

An intermediary can offer the best loan rates prevailing in the market because they are offered loans in wholesale by the lenders. All these lower the client’s total cost for the full cost of the loan. A genuine agent will be open to you on how much they are paid for the services they provided and details of the total cost of the loan.


9. They deliver personalized services

Your financing expertise should assist in smoothening the process of acquiring loans. They should always be available for you and guide you throughout the closing process. Before deciding on a specific broker have a look at their qualifications and experience, feel free to ask for references. You should depend on the referrals given by your lawyer, financial planner, or a real estate agent. Click here to see how you can choose a good mortgage broker company.



You may encounter difficulties and frustrations while trying to find the best mortgage which meets your needs, your budget also your circumstances. Mortgage brokers help you get good value and affordable loans, which is designed to meet your conditions and needs. They help to reduce the time and legwork you would do if you had no assistance from an agent.

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