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One thing that would always catch my eye when browsing Pinterest or reading a blog post is traffic and income reports.


I can’t explain it but there’s a distinct appeal in seeing how much money some bloggers are able to make from their blog.


I read each income report telling myself, “If they could do it so could I”. Since then, these reports have given me the confidence to start blogging.


I was right! Anyone can make money blogging. I already made my first set of money since starting my blog and it feels awesome!


Eventually, I will start creating my own income reports to help me track how much money I earn from my blog. In those reports, I could share different strategies that have helped me to increase my traffic and show my readers the sources of my online income.


If someone could build a 6 figure blog from nothing, what’s stopping you from doing the same? This is the main reason I created this traffic and income report roundup so you could see blogging makes money.


You’ll see below that some of these bloggers started their blogs without earning any income in the early stages but they continued to build it up into successful online businesses.


Together, these bloggers make thousands of dollars each month in online income!


So without further ado.


Here are the traffic and income reports from blogs I love to read, in no particular order.



Traffic and Income Report Roundup from Top Bloggers Who Make Thousands of Dollars Each Month



Michelle (Making Sense of Cents)


Traffic and Income Report Roundup from Bloggers Making Money Online

Michelle is the creator of Making Sense of Cents which she started to keep track of her finances. Now she shares with her readers various ways they can achieve financial freedom by managing their money wisely and making more money.


Michelle earns over $100,000 in income from her blog every month with most of it coming from promoting affiliate products.


Now she teaches other bloggers how to generate more income from their blogs with her course Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing.


Take a look at her income reports here.


How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing On Your Website

I love her course so much! It has already helped me to earn my first affiliate sale so her tips actually work. Sometimes she has discounts on her course but to make sure you don’t miss any specials sign-up for my FREE blogging online course below (click the button) and I’ll let you know.


My blogging course: Growing Dollars from Blogging



Ms. FAF (Frugal Asian Finance)


Traffic and Income Report Roundup from Bloggers Making Money Online

Ms. FAF is an Asian personal finance blogger who always wanted to start a blog but hesitated for 12 years. With a small budget, a passion for frugality, and an interest in writing, she decided to start Frugal Asian Finance hoping one day it will turn into a successful online business.


She doesn’t post any income reports yet but she posts traffic reports that are very detailed. These reports are great for new bloggers since she shows exactly where her blog traffic comes from and the strategies she uses to keep increasing her pageviews every month.


From blogging, she was able to generate 5,572 pageviews in her first month and is now at 16,600 pageviews in her 4th month!


Needless to say, I love her traffic reports and I never miss one!


Take a look at her traffic reports here.



Millenial Money Man


Traffic and Income Report Roundup from Bloggers Making Money Online

Bobby started blogging as a way to pass the time at night. His blog posts were well received to the extent random people started reaching out and thanked him for inspiring them.


From then he realized he was on to something. He quit his job to run Millenial Money Man full-time, aiming to help other Millennials like himself with managing money.


Using Millennial Money Man, he is able to earn over $10,000 in income. His affiliate income usually makes up the most his income and he credits Michelle’s Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing course for this.


Click here to see his income reports.



Harsh (Shout Me Loud)


Traffic and Income Report Roundup from Bloggers Making Money Online

Harsh turned down a corporate job offer to start his journey as a professional blogger. He bought the domain by borrowing a credit card from a friend and started blogging out of his passion for learning and sharing.


He earned his first online income by helping a guy with a Google Webmaster Tool. Although Harsh was only paid $10 via PayPal, he realized there are ways to make money online.


Now his blog is generating over $30,000 and more than 1.5 million pageviews per month. His affiliate marketing e-book usually generates the most money.


See his traffic and income reports here.


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Latasha (Arts and Budgets)


Traffic and Income Report Roundup from Bloggers Making Money Online

Latasha was sitting at a data entry job which was the same thing day in and day out. That job wasn’t fulfilling her purpose in life.


That’s when the idea to start a blogging business was born!


She decided to create Arts and Budgets as a place to help creative people develop a successful presence online and learn about different ways to make money side hustling.


Her blog got 59,000 pageviews in June 2017 and generated $1,802 in income which mostly came from affiliate marketing, promoting survey companies and her web host.


See her traffic and income reports here.



Lily (The Frugal Gene)


Traffic and Income Report Roundup from Bloggers Making Money Online

Lily is the creator of The Frugal Gene where she blogs about the journey to financial freedom. She aims for the opportunity to work for a passion without the concern for money.


I love to read her funny blog reports where she discusses her traffic sources, goals for her blog and accidental money she made from blogging (I’m gonna hear about this later xD).


She made money as an affiliate of her web host Siteground and uses Michelle’s popular course Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing in an effort to boost her blog income.


Her blog is constantly growing in traffic each month that she is able to reach over 8,000 pageviews.


Take a look at her past blog traffic and income reports here. 



Suzi (Start a Mom Blog)


Traffic and Income Report Roundup from Bloggers Making Money Online

Suzi worked as an engineer for Fortune 100 Companies but when she got kids she decided to become a stay at home mom. Predicting the increase in expenses in the future, Suzi wanted to start making extra money so Start a Mom Blog was created.


From her blog, she made $53,765 in one year with over 50,000 pageviews each month. Her products generate the most money as well as affiliate income for her web host Siteground.


See her income reports here.



Silas & Grace (Chasing Foxes)


Traffic and Income Report Roundup from Bloggers Making Money Online

Silas and Grace were inspired to start Chasing Foxes when they realized they had a passion for improving their lifestyle. They decided to use their blog to share different ways people can enhance their lifestyle by writing about improving foodie skills, traveling abroad, and learning lifestyle hacks.


On Chasing Foxes you can find a wealth of helpful information about lifestyle, relationships, money, style, travel, food & drink, and blogging.


Silas and Grace receive over 1 million pageviews on their blog and earn more than $10,000 in income, most of which comes from their ad network, Mediavine.


Click here to see their income reports.


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Abby (Just a Girl and Her Blog)


Traffic and Income Report Roundup from Bloggers Making Money Online

Abby went from working part-time to staying at home with her kids full time. Even though she loved spending time at home taking care of the kids, she felt like there was something missing.


She decided to start blogging in her free time as a creative outlet and so Just a Girl and Her Blog was born. Abby loves creating a beautiful, thriving home so she uses her blog to help others with posts about organization and productivity and easy-to-follow decorating tips.


Together with her husband Donnie, she transformed her blog into a full-time family business.


With over 400,000 pageviews, she earns more than $40,000 in online income. Most of it comes from promoting affiliate products like Siteground, ConvertKit, Restored 316 Designs and Pretty Darn Cute Designs.


Abby has since discontinued her income & traffic reports but you can see her past traffic and income reports here.



Lindsay (Pinch of Yum)


Traffic and Income Report Roundup from Bloggers Making Money Online

Lindsay was a former 4th-grade teacher teaching elementary schoolers by day and blogging about food by night. After much thought, she decided to become a full-time blogger and created Pinch of Yum.


Blogging started off just for fun but then it turned into an online business. She could now share with others her passion for food and teach them how to start their own food blog.


With her husband Bjork, Pinch of Yum receives over 4 million pageviews and generates more than $75,000 per month in income. AdThrive is usually their main money earner but they have developed other income streams with their food blog course, Food Blogger Pro. They use their course to teach anyone how to start, grow, and monetize a food blog.


Lindsay doesn’t publish her income & traffic reports anymore but you can see her past income reports here.



Pat (Smart Passive Income)


Traffic and Income Report Roundup from Bloggers Making Money Online

Pat lost his job at an architectural firm, because of the economic downturn. Instead of regressing in life, he turned his small website, Smart Passive Income, into a source of passive income.


On this blog, he shares the strategies that have helped him to grow his online business with his readers.


Pat is also one of the first bloggers I know to publish income reports showing everyone what’s working or what’s not during his online business ventures.


He makes over $100,000 in online income each month from promoting affiliate products and selling his own too. His courses usually make the most of his income and he is also an avid user of ConvertKit for sending emails to his subscribers.


You can see his income reports here.


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Allan (The Practical Saver)


Traffic and Income Report Roundup from Bloggers Making Money Online

In under 2 years, Allan paid off his student loan and credit card debt. He accomplished this by creating and religiously following a budget, using coupons, cutting unnecessary expenses and using cash paying apps.


The reason he started The Practical Saver was to not only share his perspective on money but also of life, and happiness.


His blog receives over 160,000 pageviews and makes over $15,000 each month with AdThrive as his main income stream. However, he also makes money promoting products using affiliate networks like IGain, Shareasale, and Flexoffers.


In Allan’s income and traffic reports, he shows you how blogging has improved his life by using his blog’s earnings to save for retirement, pay bills, save money in savings & checking accounts and more.


Click here to see his income reports.



There you have it folks. A list of some top bloggers who are able to achieve great traffic and incomes of thousands of dollars through their blogs.


Hope you enjoyed reading this traffic and income report roundup.


Inspired to get into the blogging game?


If yes, my FREE blogging online course will get you started on the right track.


Thanks for reading!


Head over to the comments below and let’s talk about Income and Traffic Reports.


Some questions for you:

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Which bloggers’ traffic and income reports do you like to read?


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