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You may not know this, but the number of people moving both inside and outside the USA is in the millions. So, we can safely say that relocation is a sure and prosperous business. However, with the expenses of moving, packing, renting or buying a new home, debt tends to pile up.


Many people find themselves nitpicking different aspects of the relocation in order to lower their costs as much as possible. Luckily, even among the most popular of locations for expats, such as New York, there are ways to trim the expenses. Yes, we are saying that affordable life in Manhattan is actually a thing.


So, for all of those going to a different place for a new start, here is an article on how to stay away from debt when moving.


Know your financial limits when relocating and use every opportunity to trim the costs.

If you calculate your budget well, you won’t get into debt when moving house.



How To Save Money and Avoid Debt When Moving House



First and foremost, you need to choose great movers


When moving house, the way you will do it is essential to how much it costs you. So, if you’re looking to avoid getting into debt when moving, you need to choose your relocation method wisely. A DIY move can often be quite expensive, so we would always advise picking a professional moving company.


Let’s return to the topic of New York for a minute, shall we?


When you’re picking the perfect moving company in a large city such as this, it gets a bit easier. There are plenty of eager movers simply waiting to take on your request and compete with each other in order to give you the best possible price. Therefore, you’d probably have no trouble with finding a good moving company. Regardless, here’s some help for choosing the top-class Manhattan movers, for example. Despite this, we are giving you a few extra tips just in case:


  • Find at least three companies which could do the job. Five if you have the time
  • Get on-site estimates before committing to specific movers (a binding quote is perfect if possible on-site)
  • See which services are optional in order to lower the price (e.g. packing)
  • Offer the movers the easiest possible access to your home
  • Consider switching the dates of your move if the price is different on a certain day of the week
  • Think about moving in the off-season (not in June, July, and August), as the move will definitely be more affordable


Choose the perfect moving company by playing them off each other.

Moving companies will be glad to compete in order to give you the best quote possible.


In order to not get into debt when moving house – try a purge


One of the most common mistakes of first-time movers is they underestimate the number of things they own. Hence, our next big tip is to purge accordingly. As early as you possibly can, start going from one room to another and sort through your things.


In case you aren’t aware, when moving house, weight is money. So, here is our system on how to keep the price as low as possible. When going through your things, you should sort them into three ‘piles’:


1. Need it

These will be the items which you use on a frequent basis. This pile should have all of your favorite clothes and commonly used items. So, include everything from dishes to tech. In order for you to avoid getting into debt when relocating, you should only keep the items which are in good condition. Of course, include any belongings of great sentimental value in this section.


2. Maybe

If you’re not sure and still have some time before the move, form this pile. Go back to it after a week or so and use this rule: If I were buying this today, would I? Pretty soon, the ‘maybe’ pile will be gone. If you still have some leftover belongings, put them in a box and take them with you. Write a date on the lid and if you don’t open it until then, it’s best that you donate or sell the contents.


3. Unnecessary

This is the pile which you ought to donate. However, we have a few ways of lessening the chances of you getting into debt during a move through this part of the purge. Consider holding a garage sale, listing on eBay or donating these items. Be sure to claim your tax deduction if you’re donating! Another way to save some money is also by offering your helpers, during the packing process, to take any of your items that are in good condition which they like.


If you don’t want to get into debt when moving house, purge accordingly.

Are you sure you need all of those clothes in your closet after you move?


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One of the best ways to save some money on a move is with packing supplies


Sure, if you’re in a rush, using your mover’s packing service is an option. Though, if you don’t want to get into debt when moving house, we’d suggest DIY. If you need some extra hands, ask your family and friends. Now, let’s talk about packing supplies and how to save money on them. Here are our tips:


  • Get free moving boxes

They will lower the price of relocating considerably. Head out to the local store, shops, Walmart, etc. and you are sure to have enough sturdy parcels by the time you’re done. If they remain in good condition after the move, you could even sell them for a small price.


  • Some more container ideas

Utilize those suitcases. After you’ve packed the essentials for the road to your new home, see if you still have a few suitcases left back. They can serve as extra containers for your belongings.


  • Save on paper wrap

Use newspapers. You will undoubtedly be able to find plenty of papers around the house which will help you save money of wrapping. Magazines and used paper are also an option.


  • Some more wrapping ideas

Try using clothes. Your clothes are some of the best wrappings you will find. They can also serve as cushioning between breakable items. You will find your linens and blankets to be the best wrapping materials you can find. And, this means you won’t be spending any more money on purchases from your moving company.


  • Save on containers

Smaller items go into larger ones. Nest everything small into larger items in order to trim your moving costs. Be careful that your belongings aren’t too heavy, though. It’s important that your movers are able to lift them and load them into the truck.



I hope these tips are useful for you so when the time comes to change homes, you know how to save money and stay debt-free.


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