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Since I don’t live in America, I’ve had to search for the best ways to receive money online from overseas companies and clients.

Read this Payoneer review today! This Paypal alternative has less fees and is more accesible to bloggers, freelancers, and entrepreneurs all over the world. See if it's better than Paypal in this post.


Sometimes you feel so limited in terms of choices since there are so many restrictions for non-U.S residents with regards to financial services (basically anything to do with money).


For this reason, I explored my options and was amazed at what I found. This led me to create a review of Payoneer.


I am a freelance copywriter on Upwork and I get paid through Paypal. It’s actually quite convenient since I can hold my funds on Upwork and then choose when I want to withdraw them onto my Paypal account. The only downside is that my card is set to auto-withdrawal because of my country’s financial regulations…sigh.


My problem came when I was looking to start my own website and get into affiliate marketing. American affiliate companies usually pay by ACH direct deposit into your local U.S. bank account or by mail.


So, that was my first problem. I live outside of America and I don’t have a U.S. bank account. Bummer!


Then there’s the mail option which is ok but I don’t want to wait months to receive my hard earned money.


I know, that sucks!


Just when I was going to lose hope, I stumbled across an online payment service similar to Paypal.


It’s called Payoneer!



Payoneer Review


What Is Payoneer?


Payoneer is a cross-border payments platform that provides fast, flexible, secure and low-cost payment solutions for businesses and freelancers like you. They offer their services in both developed and emerging markets so that people can pay and get paid globally, as easily as they do locally.


Payoneer’s payment platform allows you to:

  • Receive payments using their global payment service
  • Withdraw funds to your local bank account or onto your prepaid Payoneer Mastercard
  • Make payments with global bank transfers or using your prepaid Payoneer Mastercard


There are even more features for companies as well such as mass payout but let’s stick to the services for the average person.


I truly believe Payoneer is the best PayPal alternative to receive money online! You’ll see why later in this Payoneer review.


Check out this video below to learn more about Payoneer.



Who Should Use Payoneer?


Since Payoneer is so similar to PayPal, almost anyone can use it to receive money and purchase goods online with ease. However, let me still show you the type of people who are benefiting from using Payoneer as we speak:

  • Bloggers (meeee!)
  • Freelancers
  • Small business owners
  • and other people who live outside the country where the money is coming from (e.g. Outside the U.S)


If you fall into any of the above categories then Payoneer and its international money transfer services are great for you to use.




Why I Chose Payoneer As A PayPal Alternative To Receive Money Online


You may see some negative reviews about Payoneer on the internet but I assure you that I haven’t had any problems using them.


From looking at the reviews there are hundreds of people who have issues with them but if you think about it there are millions of people using Payoneer without any problems. It’s like 2% of all the people using Payoneer have a problem with them…only 2%. This is not an exact figure, it’s just to give you an example.


Payoneer Review


Look a little closer and you’ll see that Payoneer is trusted by some top companies from around the world.


Payoneer Review

What I especially love about Payoneer is one of their tools called the Global Payment service which allows you to own a virtual overseas bank account in some of the most popular currencies such as U.S dollars, pounds, and euros.


Now I can be paid by popular affiliate networks like ShareASale, and FlexOffers with the virtual U.S. bank account Payoneer has given me. Eventually, I’ll look to see if I can use this feature to invest in the U.S. stock market.


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Awesome right? But the benefits don’t stop there.


You can also use Payoneer to:

  • Receive payments for freelancing services like on UpWork.
  • Receive rental income from Airbnb hosting.
  • Pay for goods and services by using your prepaid Payoneer Mastercard.


You can earn $25 when you sign up with Payoneer for FREE today and start receiving payments from companies and clients across the world!


The only downside with Payoneer is the fees for certain transactions. However, they’re pretty good when compared to other competitors like Paypal.


Let’s take a look at their fees.



Payoneer Fees


You will incur fees on Payoneer depending on who you receive money from, withdrawing money and using the prepaid master card. We’ll examine these more closely.


Receiving Payments

You only incur fees when you receive money in USD using the global payment service if you’re paid directly by your customers or through marketplaces and networks. There are no charges for any other transaction!


Best Way To Receieve Payments From Overseas Companies And Clients

payoneer review


Withdrawing Money

You’ll be charged a fee when you withdraw funds from your Payoneer account to a bank account in the same currency or in a different currency. For example, if you have money in US currency on your Payoneer account and withdraw that money from your local account in your country that is also in US currency, your fee will only be $1.50.


Best Way To Receieve Payments From Overseas Companies And Clients


Making Payments

This service is awesome! You can make payments using your Payoneer account for FREE! There’s no charge.


payoneer review


Prepaid Payoneer Mastercard

Payoneer has partnered with Mastercard to give their members the ability to easily withdraw or spend their funds, from anywhere in the world. The card basically works like a debit card so you can use it for online shopping or withdraw money from your local ATM. It’s quite convenient.


payoneer review


The card has its own fee structure as well so bear that in mind. You can see more information about fees on the Payoneer website.



Is Payoneer Legit?


Heck yea it is!


As I said earlier, I promote several companies on my blog through Shareasale among other affiliate networks. If someone clicks any of my affiliate links and signs up or purchases something I make a commission. Thanks to Payoneer I can receive money online with ease.


Check out this screenshot below. I earned a commission from a company which sells website themes.


payoneer fees


As you can see Payoneer charged me $3 on the transaction when I moved my funds from the ShareASale account to my Payoneer account.


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Now that you’re fully informed get set to start receiving payments! I hope you enjoyed my review of Payoneer.


Sign up for your FREE Payoneer account here and after you received a total of $1,000 on your account you’ll earn $25! Just like that. I’ll also earn $25 just for referring you so don’t be shy. 🙂


Thanks for reading!


Let’s talk about Payoneer in the comments below.


Some questions for you:

Have you used Payoneer?

What do you like about Payoneer?



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