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There are so many little ways you can earn a few extra dollars here and there.

Believe it or not you can actually make money doing nothing. Read this post to see the apps I use to earn extra money with very little effort. It's time to learn how to make money online fast! #makemoenyonline

You too can make money for doing nothing using different sites and apps you probably have never heard about before.


After all, we are talking about free money here and who doesn’t like money that’s free?


I know I do!


Remember guys, even though the amount of money you’ll get from using these sites and apps is small, it all adds up.


Here’s the next mind-blowing idea.


You can use this money to make even more money!


Brilliant right?


Let me show you two ways on how to use your bonus cash to make even more money.


1. Start a blog


It only took me $75 to start Growing Dollars from Cents and so far I’ve made back that money using affiliate marketing. If you count in a website theme that cost goes up to $164, only because I use the best premium WordPress themes.


Why premium instead of free WordPress themes?


Because they allow my blog to look and feel completely different from any other blog out there. Also, premium themes are constantly updated for security and speed since we all know how fast technology develops these days.


You too can do the same. It’s not easy but blogging is a great side hustle. Multiple streams of income are important to living comfortably.


See This Post: Blogging 101: How To Start And Make Money With A Blog [The Right Way]


2. Invest it


Take that money and put it towards your investment account. Over time you’ll gain interest on your savings which is easy peasy passive income.


If you’re new to investing and not sure where to start, try Betterment.


Betterment’s automated investment features will do all of the hard work for you so you can sit back and watch your money grow.


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Now we got that out of the way, let’s see which apps and sites can make this extra cash for you.



How To Make Money For Doing Nothing…Like Never Before





ebates money saving cash back

Ebates is one of the largest cash back rewards programs I know.


Using this awesome rewards site you get cash back on items from hundreds of stores (Macy’s, Walmart, Nike, and many more) in the Ebates marketplace. In addition, you can find promotional codes, coupons and special deals you may not find elsewhere.


To join all you need is an email address. You’ll be paid cash back to your Paypal account or a check to your mailing address.


After you sign up for FREE and make a purchase of over $25 you’ll get $10 bonus for free!


Visit Ebates here!





real surveys that pay you

InboxDollars is a popular rewards site with multiple ways to earn. You’ll earn money by:

  • Completing simple promotional offers (like signing up on a free app).
  • Taking surveys.
  • Watching videos.
  • Playing fun games.
  • Browsing the web.
  • Shopping online (using coupons).
  • Sharing the site with friends.


Once you have some free time give InboxDollars a try and see how much extra money you can make.


For those living in the United Kingdom check out InboxPounds.


Join now for FREE and get a $5 signup bonus!


Learn more about InboxDollars here!






Ibotta is similar to Ebates but it’s more focused on grocery shopping, apparel, mobile apps, cosmetics and a few other categories.


I love that there are no points at all. Everything is based on cash! You can also make a little extra sharing the app with your friends or other people who’ve never used it before.


Sign up now get $10 after making your first purchase on Ibotta.


Click here to learn more about Ibotta.






Swagbucks is one of the largest and most popular rewards sites with plenty of ways to earn extra cash. You can earn money by doing surveys, watching videos, searching the web, shopping online and so much more!


Grab your email address, confirm it, and you’re all set to make money.


If you sign up today you’ll receive $5! Oh and that’s just for registering.


See more info on Swagbucks here!





legitimate paid online surveys

Like Swagbucks, MyPoints is another rewards site with tons of ways to make money. Taking surveys, searching the web, playing games, and using grocery coupons are just a few of the ways you can use your free time to make a little extra money.


The only question left to ask is, do you have your email address ready to go?


Use the link below to sign up for free and get a $5 bonus after you finish 5 surveys.


Take a look at MyPoints here!






If you know what PayPal is then Payoneer is no different. With Payoneer, you can receive money from popular companies like Airbnb, Upwork, Fiverr, Shareasale, Maxbounty and more!


The fees are the biggest thing that’s different between PayPal and Payoneer. That, along with Payoneer giving users the ability to own a virtual U.S. banking account. If you want lower transaction fees then check out Payoneer.


Once you sign up (it’s free) and receive a total $1,000 you’ll get $25!


Check out Payoneer here!



Vindale Research


surveys for cash only

Vindale Research is a survey site you can use to make quick cash completing surveys. In addition to surveys, you can earn cash by finding rewards codes, taking photos of your earnings, reading emails, and watching videos.


One of the things I like about Vindale is their refer a friend program where you can earn $5 for every friend you refer.


Sign up for free using the link below to earn $1 just for creating an account.


Click here to learn more about Vindale Research.






ShopTracker is a tool used by The Harris Poll Online Panel to help develop a greater insight into how people are using their computers or mobile devices to make purchases on Amazon throughout the United States.


The ShopTracker app collects information about your purchases made on (e.g. what you’ve bought, when you’ve bought it, price).


One thing I like about this do nothing and get cash app is that it automatically removes your name, shipping address, and any personal payment (credit card) information before your purchase history is shared.


Sign up for FREE, sync up to 3 of your Amazon accounts with the app and earn a $3 visa gift card. In addition, you’ll receive $3 every month (for each account) you have your account synced. However, this app is only available if you live in the United States.



Nielsen Computer & Mobile Panel


nielsen computer and mobile panel app

Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel is another do nothing and get cash app. They are a research company which examines your internet usage to build a picture of internet behavior.


To get started all you have to do is:

  • Answer a few registration questions (e.g. about you, your household, and the devices you use).
  • Download the safe and secure Nielsen App to all of your mobile devices (it is non-invasive and won’t impact device performance).
  • Install the app and get paid ($50 for each mobile device every year the app is installed) just for using the Internet as you do normally!


I like that their app never collects the content of visited websites, user IDs, passwords, or other private information. However, it’s only available in the United States.


See more about Nielsen Computer & Mobile Panel.



The next set of programs in this list will save you money but in a sense, you are still making money that you would have never made before.






Trim is an automated tool focused on saving you money you never thought possible. Here’s what this innovative tool does:

  • It will analyze your bank accounts to find recurring subscriptions and determine where you can save more money.
  • Cancel the unwanted subscriptions of your choice for you.
  • Negotiate your cable and internet bills for better rates (works with Comcast, Time Warner, Charter, and any other provider).
  • Find better car insurance.


One thing I like about Trim is it uses bank-level security with read-only access to make sure your sensitive account information is safe. Your account credentials are never stored on their servers.


Go get more info on Trim!






Paribus is a price tracking app which syncs to your email address to scan for receipts from stores you shopped at online. If a price change is detected, the app would notify you and automate the claim process so you are refunded the difference.


Paribus monitors over 25 major retailers including Amazon, Macy’s, Gap, Walmart, Target, Old Navy, Nordstrom.


Furthermore, the app can track your shipments from select online retailers, like Amazon and Walmart, to see if you are owed money for late deliveries.


If you do a ton of online shopping which you know you do, then Paribus is the perfect tool for saving you money. Also, the average user can save between $60 and $100 per year.


How cool is that?


See how with Paribus!







Airbnb, as you should know, is your gateway to affordable accommodation when you travel abroad. From apartments to holiday cottages, this app has you covered.


I like that Airbnb is usually cheaper than hotels and hosts are friendly (the ones I encountered).


Sign up for Free now and earn $25 in credit which will be added to your next booking.


Check out Airbnb here!




Those are all the apps I know which give away money basically for free.


All you have to do is sign up or make one purchase to get that bonus cash. It’s a win-win too because you’re gonna love using these apps to make or save even more money.


If you signed up for all of these apps you would get a grand total of $101 for freeeeeeee!


If you connected 3 devices on Nielsen computer & mobile panel and synced 3 Amazon accounts with ShopTracker you’ll be making $150 a year (from Nielsen) and $108 a year (from ShopTracker).


Together with the apps above, that’s $359 in one year!


Money smells so good when it’s free. Wouldn’t you agree? You could even get free money from the Government for even more extra income.


Be sure to check out all of these apps and choose the ones that are right for you. Just remember, after today you will become one of the many persons who gets paid for doing nothing online.


You think you can make money for doing nothing? It’s time to hear from you in the comments below!


Some questions for you:

What is the best way you earned free money?

Which of these apps is your favorite to use?


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