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I couldn’t think of a better post to put as my very first post on my blog. I decided to make a post to help anyone who is looking to start their own website like I’ve done and eventually turn it into an online business that makes money!


In this post, I will guide you through the process on how to start a WordPress website on Siteground. It’s time to turn that idea into reality. Who knows, it may turn into a successful business one day but you have to take the hardest step first which is to start!



Why You Should Create A Website


Mark Zuckerberg, the co-founder of Facebook, launched this popular social website from his Harvard University dorm room. He probably didn’t know at the time it was going to transform into what it is today. Now he’s making billions!


Patt Flynn, the founder of Smart Passive Income, started his blogging website after being laid off from his architecture job. He has since then created a network of businesses and is an advisor for tech start-ups such as Leadpages and ConvertKit. From his income reports, he’s able to generate over $100,000 almost every month! Last year he made over 1 million dollars…ONE MILLION DOLLARS!


This should convince you that creating a website can turn into something amazing. However, it’s hard work but you will be rewarded for the time and effort you put into it, once you take it seriously.



Reasons To Create A Website


There are so many reasons why you should create a website.


You may want to:

  • Start a blog for fun, sharing information with your readers whether it’s stories of your journeys on vacation, your life, fashion, personal finance, food, and much more.


  • Use it as a place to showcase the freelancing projects you’ve performed for clients so prospective clients can get an idea of what you do.


  • Create your own online business by selling products, service, using affiliate marketing, advertising, etc.


  • Build an online presence to match with your physical business or store.


  • Make money and even passive income!


I’m sure you loved that last point. I know I do and that’s one of the reasons I started this blog Growing Dollars from Cents. Not only will I be able to make money but I get to share useful information with my readers so they could live better.


I never thought I would’ve been blogging when I was younger but I’m glad I did. Now I have my own website that I can customize the way I want because I’m my own boss. Who knows where this journey will take me. For now, I’m just sitting back and enjoying the ride.


Now onto how to actually start your website.



How To Start A WordPress Website On Siteground



Step 1: Choose a great web host for your website


When it comes to hosting you have numerous options. For me the choice was simple.


Introducing my host…Siteground!

Web Hosting


Extremely low downtime

If you don’t know this already having your website down is one of the worst things. I’ve visited many sites where the page wouldn’t load at all.


When this happens, readers who come to visit your site will see a that it is down and may never bother return again. They may have come there to buy a product or service but instead, they will go somewhere else. That’s money making opportunity you’ve lost.


How to start a wordpress website on siteground


This is why website owners trust Siteground to host their website since they have one of the highest uptimes in the industry! Believe me, it’s that high.


Great customer service with quick response times

Owning a website could get frustrating at times with error messages popping up and you have no idea why. I experienced this with trying to edit a link using a plugin. I immediately contacted Siteground’s customer support using live chat and was quickly greeted by a support member.


How to start a wordpress website on siteground

They helped me to resolve the problem in a few minutes so I could get back to working on my website. They really do care about your success and that’s what I love about them.


Oh yeah, and I wasn’t joking about the reply time. It’s that fast. It’s almost like they could predict you’re going to have a problem so they send a support member to your aid before you click the contact button.


Pricing is affordable

You shouldn’t have to break the bank just to setup your website. If you use Siteground, you don’t have to. Since you are now starting your website you only need the “Start-Up” plan for now. That’s only going to cost you $3.95/month when you when you sign up here and save 60%.  That’s just $47.40 for one year VAT inclusive!


How to start a wordpress website on siteground

Compare that to the regular price of $9.95/month which would be $119.40…ouch! So with Siteground, you are getting a great deal.


Since you are now starting your website I recommend you choose the StartUp plan. It’s what I used when I first started and it’s great!


How to start a wordpress website on siteground

You can upgrade plans at any time by just paying the difference.


This is why I love using Siteground and I’ll recommend them to any blogger, entrepreneur or person who wants to start a website.




Step 2: Brainstorm on that awesome Domain name


Take your time with this part. Your domain name is readers would enter into Google’s website address bar. It will look like


You want to choose a name that resembles your brand and what your website will be about. For me, I chose because I wanted to share information about different ways people can make more money without spending a whole lot.



How to start a wordpress website on siteground




Of course, if you already have a physical business with a name, you would just use that name as your domain name. If the website is about you personally, you could use your own name.


If you already have a domain name you can get your domain transferred for FREE! Just select “I already have a domain“.


Your domain name should be simple and easy to remember because you want to make it easy for people visit your website in the future. You don’t need dashes or numbers to create an awesome name.


You can click here to purchase a domain name and create a website, then continue to follow the simple steps below.


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Step 3: Purchase your hosting package


After choosing that awesome domain name you’ll need to fill out the rest of the payment and account details to complete your purchase.


How to start a wordpress website on siteground


Choose how long you want your blog to be hosted until it’s time for renewal and select some additional features if you want. You can also pay with Paypal if you want. Simply contact customer support and they will guide you through the process.


I recommend choosing “Domain Privacy” so that your personal details won’t be made public on the whois server which is an online directory for all websites.


Alright, guys, that’s it. Complete your order and get your hosting for only $74.35 tax inclusive, if you signed up for one year! Don’t worry, you’ll make that back easily with your online business.


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Step 3: Install WordPress on Siteground for your website


There are several options when you are looking for a place to start your website. WordPress by far one of the most popular choices for bloggers, businesses, and the casual user.


Your dream website is almost ready! Time to install WordPress on your website.


Let’s go!


Go to your “My Accounts tab” and select “Go to cPanel“.


How to start a wordpress website on siteground


Next, select “WordPress Installer“. It should be under “WordPress Tools”.


How to start a wordpress website on siteground


After, click “Install” to start the setup process.


How to start a wordpress website on siteground


Lastly, enter your admin account information. Please do not use admin as your username. Hackers love using that to try to gain access to your account. Also, use a strong password because you don’t want someone to easily gain access to your account and change up all of your hard work.


Remember to keep your username and password safe.


Bonus Tip

If you are starting a blog you should take my FREE blogging course to help you with setting up your blog for success. Want to make a money-making blog? Then click the button below.




You’ve just learned how to start a WordPress website on Siteground!


If you want to create a business email address be sure to check out this post. Additionally, if you have any questions about creating your website on Siteground just email me and I will see how I can assist you.


I hope you enjoyed this post and were successful in starting a WordPress website on Siteground.


Thanks for reading!


Let’s talk more about Starting A WordPress Website in the comments below.


Some questions for you:

Have you started your website on Siteground?

What is your experience with Siteground’s hosting?


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