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As a personal finance blogger, I’m always searching for different ways to monetize my blog with high-paying affiliate programs.

See this list of the best high paying affiliate programs that you can actually use to make money online blogging. You can also find affiliate programs for new bloggers too. Check out the post now! #affiliatemarketing #affiliate #affiliatelink #makemoneyonline


One way to make money blogging is to use affiliate marketing. If you want to learn more about making money with affiliate marketing read this post.


Alright, so you’re a newish blogger like I was looking to turn your blog into an online business. You’ve come to the right place.


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What are affiliate networks

Why you should join affiliate networks

Where to find high paying affiliate programs






Impact Radius

CJ Affiliate (Commission Junction)

Affiliate Window (AWIN)

The Best High Paying Affiliate Programs

Amazon Associates





Vindale Research



Bonus Tips


What are affiliate networks?


Affiliate networks are sites which contain a variety of affiliate programs from companies. These companies are called advertisers.


When you join any affiliate network you become a publisher. As a publisher, you promote products and services from advertisers called campaigns.



I’m an affiliate of Freshbooks (accounting/bookkeeping software) and I promote their campaign using affiliate links and banners in my posts and throughout my blog.

When someone clicks your affiliate link or banner and purchases the product or service or signs up, you’ll earn a commission.



Why you should join affiliate networks


There are so many reasons to join affiliate networks but for now, I’ll pick out the best three. Check them out below:


1. Large variety of affiliate programs to join regardless of your niche


Affiliate networks like the ones you will find below have some of the best affiliate programs to make money. As a personal finance blogger focusing on increasing income you can become affiliates for survey companies.


On the other hand, if you prefer to focus on getting out of debt you could try credit score and financing affiliate programs. The possibilities with affiliate marketing are endless.


Take a look at some of the featured affiliate programs on FlexOffers below.


best affiliate programs to make money


2. Make money with little traffic


When I first started my blog I wasn’t getting much traffic at all. However, I was still able to make over $150 from affiliate marketing. As your traffic increases your affiliate income will increase too, wayyy faster than ads.


Check out some of my earnings from using iGain below.


affiliate programs that pay instantly with paypal


3. Great reports and analytical tools


Each affiliate network has their own analytical tools where you can see what’s working and what’s not. These help you to find out how much money you are making, the number of clicks you get and more!


See this pie chart from iGain based on my top 3 programs below.


best affiliate programs for beginners




Now onto the list of affiliate networks for bloggers.



Where To Find High Paying Affiliate Programs For Your Blog





igain affiliate network

This is a nice network mainly for Personal Finance bloggers because it’s full of survey companies to promote.


You are assigned an affiliate manager who helps you to get setup on the network. They will even recommend some campaigns to start you off.


Personal Finance bloggers can promote:


When you sign up, use their referral program to earn additional income by encouraging others to join.


Click here to check out iGain!





maxbounty affiliate programs

This is one of my most favorite affiliate networks!


When you are accepted into the program you are given an affiliate manager that it’s always looking to help you grow your affiliate income. You can even tell them about other programs you’ve joined from other networks and if they’re running the same campaigns they will try to offer a better commission for you.


Personal Finance bloggers can promote:


Travel bloggers can promote:

  • Accommodation sites – Airbnb (hosts)


Other great programs to promote:

  • E-commerce sites – Fiverr, Uber EATS (delivery partner), Uber (driver)



They also have a referral program too so you can make some affiliate income when other bloggers sign up using your link. An example is the link you’ll see below.


Click here to go to Maxbounty!





offerjuice affiliate program

OfferJuice is another great affiliate network with plenty of survey companies to promote.


You will be given affiliate manager who will check in with you from time to time to see how things are going. After all, the more money they can help you to make, the more they make too. It’s a win-win!


Finance bloggers can find:


They also have a referral program so you can earn money encouraging other bloggers to join the network.


Get more details about OfferJuice here!





floexoffers affiliate program

This network isn’t only for personal finance bloggers but you can find programs for any niche you are in. So basically if you have a blog you can find something on FlexOffers to promote.


Travel bloggers can find:

  • Accommodation – Agoda, Hotels combined, Homestay,


  • Booking trips – TripAdvisor.


  • Flight bookings – Skyscanner, Airfare Watchdog.


  • Tours – Tour radar.


  • Transport –, Rail Europe.


Fashion bloggers can find:

  • Shopping sites – Macy’s.


For the personal finance niche, you can find affiliate programs like:



  • Loan and debt refinancing site – Sofi


They have a referral program where you earn a portion of what your referrals earn. So the more referrals you get, the more money you could make depending on how successful they are.


Click here to check out FlexOffers!





shareasale affiliate program

This is another good network with some of the best affiliate programs for beginners to join regardless of which niche they are in. It’s also quite easy to get into.


Blog about Personal Finance? Find:



If you’re interested in Food blogging there’s:


  • Nutrition labels – Nutrifox


  • Recipe plugin – WP Tasty


For Travel Bloggers there’s:

  • Accommodation site – Agoda


  • City Attractions – CityPASS


Blog about Blogging?

  • Domain names – Namecheap


  • Website hosting – WP Engine, Weebly


  • Themes – StudioPress, iThemes



Don’t forget to join their affiliate program too so you can refer other bloggers or advertisers to earn cash.


Click here to see more about Shareasale!



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Impact Radius


impact radius affiliate network

This is a large network with so many programs to join. Some of the best affiliate programs to make money can be found here. Simply look in the categories tab to find your niche and start applying to become an affiliate.


Finance bloggers can find:



Pet Bloggers can try:

  • Pet sitting/walking – Rover.


Fashion bloggers:

  • Clothing/shoes – Adidas, Crocs, Levi’s.


Blog about blogging:

  • Automation – Leadpages, Drip.


  • Website related – Namecheap, MaxCDN.


Business bloggers:

  • Productivity – DocuSign.


Travel bloggers:

  • Transport – Getaround, Enterprise, Almo.


Other good programs:

  • Skillshare, Udemy, Treehouses.


Learn more about Impact Radius by clicking here!



CJ Affiliate (Commission Junction)


cj affiliate network

I haven’t signed up for this affiliate network yet but it’s very popular. Join this network only when you are more experienced with affiliate marketing. There is a penalty if you don’t make any sales (conversions) within a certain timespan.


Finance blogger? Check out:

  • Accounting software – QuickBooks.


  • Investment sites – Motif Investing.


Travel blogger? Check out:

  • Booking trips – TripAdvisor.


  • Flight bookings – Skyscanner.


Go to CJ Affiliate here!



Affiliate Window (Awin)


awin affiliate network

Awin is another good affiliate network for bloggers. I personally don’t promote many offers from this network but there are more for bloggers in other niches.


Travel/Pet bloggers can promote:

  • Pet sitting site – Trustedhousesitters.


  • Accommodation site – Agoda.


Lifestyle Bloggers can promote:

  • Crafts site – Etsy.


Personal Finance bloggers can promote:


Let’s not forget the affiliate program here on Awin. This one has one of the biggest payouts at $30 per referral. Note that your referral has to make an affiliate sale for you to earn the money.


Check out Awin today!



The Best High Paying Affiliate Programs


Amazon Associates


amazon associates program

As we all know what Amazon is. But if you don’t it’s one of the largest e-commerce sites where you can find tons of products in a bunch of niches.


Food bloggers could promote:

  • Cameras


  • Kitchen Appliances – Blenders


Travel bloggers could promote:

  • Hiking gear – hiking boots, backpacks


Health & Fitness bloggers could promote:

  • Supplements


  • Gym clothing – Leggings, Dry-fit shirts.


  • Gym accessories – Gloves.


Learn more about the Amazon Associates Program.






Shopify is an e-commerce platform which allows you to sell items online, on social media, and in store. It’s so simple to create beautiful stores which can generate massive income. This platform is commonly used with dropshipping.


Shopify is the highest paying affiliate program in this post with payouts amounting up to $2,000 per merchant referral.


Learn more about Shopify. 





Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

Ebates is an awesome website that gives you CASH BACK for shopping online like you normally would. There are so many online stores where you can save money like Amazon, Macy’s, Walmart, etc. All you have to do is click on a store and shop!


You can sign up for FREE and receive $10 when you purchase items through Ebates totaling $25!


They also have a tiered referral program where you can earn $25+ for every person who signs up using your link.


Start referring with Ebates TODAY!






ibotta is another popular cash back app where you can earn money on items you use every day like groceries, cosmetics, mobile apps, apparel and more!


Sign up for FREE and earn $10 after adding your first offer.


Through their referral program, if someone signs up using your link you’ll earn $5!


Start earning referral income with ibotta!






Linqia is an influencer marketing platform which matches brands with influencers who then promote their products and services through social channels and blogs. It’s a great place for bloggers to find sponsored post opportunities with brands in their niche.


Also, they have a referral program. Earn $5 each time someone signs up using your referral link.


See more about Linqia.



Vindale Research


vindale research

Vindale Research is a survey site with many different ways to earn money. You can get cash for completing surveys, reading emails, finding reward codes, taking payment photos, watching videos and referring friends.


Use their referral program and earn $5 if someone signs up using your link.


Start making referral income with Vindale Research!





Web Hosting

Siteground is one of the best web hosts to create your website. They provide great customer support, pricing is affordable and it has one of the best website uptimes in the industry! They are currently the web host I use and I’m glad I started my blog with them.


Basically, you can start a website about anything, even creating websites and use Siteground as your host of choice. Create helpful content, drive traffic to your site through Google SEO, social networks like Pinterest and Facebook ads and you can actually make money.


You can earn $50 per referral and if you can get multiple people to sign up using your link each month, you can make up to $100 per referral!


You can create your website for as low as $3.95/month saving 60% on the regular price when you using my affiliate link below.


Start your website and make money with Siteground! 






Great budget web host for new bloggers. By promoting Bluehost users get good hosting at a fraction of the cost while you earn a nice commission on every sale.


Get paid $65 for each customer you refer and if you promote it on your blog you can increase your commissions to $90. Just ask your affiliate manager for more information.


Become a Bluehost affiliate here!



There you have it. A list of the places to find high paying affiliate programs for you to join, and promote.



Bonus Tips

1) You should only join networks related to your niche that you have used or trust. Remember, treat your audience like family so only recommend the best tools for them to use.


2) After placing your links into posts on your blog with high-quality content like step by step guides. Engaging content is better at driving CTR (clicks). So basically create super useful content and people will likely use your affiliate links.


3) Take my blogging course, Growing Dollars from Blogging, to learn how to grow your blog and it’s income.

how to start a blog course


4) I used a course called Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing to learn more about making affiliate income on my blog. It’s created by a really cool blogger named Michelle who blogs over at Making Sense of Cents. I would recommend it to anyone looking to make money blogging.

How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing On Your Website

Learn more about Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing


Thanks for reading!


Let’s talk High Paying Affiliate Programs in the comments below.


Some questions for you:

What are your best affiliate programs to make money?

Do you make a decent income from affiliate programs?




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