Have you ever discussed something with a friend and then see an ad for it five minutes later? That’s a fascinating phenomenon nowadays, and most people are surprised by it. Nobody knows how exactly it works, but we definitely know one thing. If you search for some product on Google, then you will definitely get an ad for it. There is no question there.


This is a gold mine for online businesses because this data is available. Everyone agrees and accepts the terms and conditions without reading them. That’s how the most prominent platforms, like Google and Facebook, make their billions. And that’s why advertising has been made to be super easy. You only need to set a few parameters, and you can be almost certain that a product will dominate the market. Here’s more info about e-commerce solutions.


How data analytics helps e-commerce businesses?


Your product has an ideal customer. There is someone who will definitely benefit from it and will definitely buy it. That’s why most businesses create the perfect buyer persona. They have a specific age, a particular job, and some specific interests.


Based on those factors, you can gather data from the billions of people using the Internet. Then, you would only need to show your ads to the people that resemble the ideal. The good thing about the world today is that it’s completely customizable and individual. You can target anyone you want.


How does that work in practice?


data analytics

Most people just read about these terms like buyer persona. Now, we will try to make it as simple as possible. Let’s say you have a baby product that you want to sell. It can be a baby camera or a thermometer, it doesn’t matter. The optimal people to target with this would be people who just had a baby. The profession is not that important since everyone can become a parent.


And, the demographic can be somewhere around 25-35 years old. That’s because most people become parents at that age. Of course, if you want to go deeper, you can target the product specifically for men and women. This will give you better results. So, the ideal buyer persona for you would be recent moms and dads. Click here to read more.


The ease of online payments is another crucial factor


Okay, so you just saw how easy it is to find an audience. The next thing to do is to make it easily accessible. There are numerous studies and findings on how people spend their money. We’ll tell you the only two that are the most important. The first thing is that at least 7 out of 10 people prefer to use mobile phones rather than a desktop computer. The second thing is that 50 percent of online sales are made via a mobile phone.


From these two facts, you only need to remember one thing. That’s to make everything mobile-friendly. Make your website practical for phones and save the money you were willing to spend on an app. People don’t want to download that many apps if they can see it from a browser.


Another thing that’s good about online payments is that they’re super secure. Fraud detection programs are working every second of every hour. This makes it easy for customers since they already feel that the money they’re spending is going where it should be.


Data analytics helps customer service


This is extremely useful when you are connecting with your audience. You can set up bots that will answer questions that your potential buyers may have. Since a bot is automated, you won’t have to bother to reply to all of the issues that are being asked. But, you can use that information to see what your customers are asking and make changes accordingly. Here’s more info: https://www.smartdatacollective.com/how-big-data-analytics-has-changed-ecommerce-industry/


If everyone is asking for a specific thing or product, you can boost marketing and answer their questions in the product description. Or you may create a blog post about the problem they are having. The issues of your customers should concern you even more. In the end, running a business is about helping people and giving them what they want. That’s why it’s essential to listen.

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