I have a treat for you guys today!


I’ve created a course on how to start a blog.


Oh and guess what.


It’s absolutely FREE!!!


Starting a blog could seem scary since there’s so much doubt in how it will perform. Let me tell you this. I was in the same position as you are in right now. I took the leap and started my blog and I haven’t looked back.


This is one of the main reasons I created this blogging 101 course.


If I was to make this decision again I would in a heartbeat.



Anyone can start a blog…but everyone doesn’t know how to start it the right way.



It does take a lot of planning and hard work initially if you want to start it the right way. After some time has passed, you gain the experience of owning and managing your very own website.



Creating a blog is truly one of the best side hustles that can turn into a profitable online business.


My aim is to guide you through this initial process on how to start a website to make it easier for you to get your website up and running in shorter period of time than it took me…haha.


This is why I created this free email course to help my readers and anyone else to follow their dream of blogging and writing about something they feel passionate about.


In my 10-day free email course you will learn:

  • Day 1 – Why Blog
  • Day 2 – What Your Blog Should Be About
  • Day 3 – The Steps To Starting Your Blog On WordPress
  • Day 4 – Customize Your Blog’s Design To Make It Stand Out
  • Day 5 – The 3 Things Every Blog Should Have
  • Day 6 – Awesome Plugins For Your Blog
  • Day 7 – How To Make Money With Your Blog
  • Day 8 – Building Your Email List
  • Day 9 – Growing Your Blog Traffic and Social Followers
  • Day 10 – BONUS Tools & Tips To Succeed As A New Blogger



Bonuses When You Join

After day 10, I’ll be checking in with you on your blog and I’ll be sending you useful resources every now and then that will help you to grow your blog even more.


On day 3, I have a special gift for you just for being a member of this course. Keep your eyes out for that!



Even if you already have a blog, you’ll still find some helpful tips to boost your website and blogging skills. 



If you want the ultimate guide to creating a successful money making blog sign-up using the form below!



Thanks for reading!


Head over to the comments below and we’ll talk about Blogging.


Some questions for you:

What do you think your blog should be about?

What excites you the most about starting a blog?



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