I never thought social media would be so important to the success of my blogging website. Simply writing posts and publishing them on my website wasn’t enough to attract new readers to my website, even if my content was great.

I needed a way I could promote my posts without getting into advertising. As a new website, I didn’t want the added expense of paying for ads to attract new visitors since I was on a budget.

Then I found out about Pinterest!

Pinterest is the perfect social media platform for anyone who has a website and is looking to attract more visitors to their site.

If you are an avid blogger or someone who looking into getting involved in Pinterest, you should know the benefits of using the platform.


What Is Pinterest?

Pinterest is like an online catalog of ideas from around the world. People use pictures, called pins, to represent their content and guide readers to their website where they can gain more information about that topic. You can search for recipes, crafts, fashion, home decor, personal finance, and so much more!

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Why Use Pinterest

Traffic, traffic…traffic! If you haven’t realized by those 3 words let me give you a formula (Hope you understand math…Haha).

Posting images on Pinterest = more traffic to your blog

That’s as simple as it gets guys. That’s why so many bloggers are currently on Pinterest right now just for this reason.

You should already know the benefits of having more traffic to your website but if you don’t let me show you.


Access to better ad networks

There are popular ad networks out there that manage how ads are displayed on your website. They position and choose the best ads that would generate income for you. Ad networks want to see your ads perform well because the more you earn the more they earn. Some popular ad networks are Monumetric, Mediavine, and AdThrive.


More income from display ads

The click-through rate for display ads from ad networks like Google AdsenseMedia.net, and Sovrn is around 0.5% This means for every 1,000 people that visit your site you will get approximately 5 clicks…just 5 clicks for all those people that visit your site.

Therefore, to ramp up your ad income you’re going to need a lot more traffic. It may take some time but once you get those high traffic levels you’ll be making passive income.


Make more affiliate sales

More traffic means more readers will be seeing your content. When this happens you have a higher chance to increase conversions of affiliate links on your website. Once you earn their trust with a product you are promoting they will feel more comfortable making the purchase. If you want more information about how to succeed at affiliate marketing read this post.


More sponsored posts

Companies like to work with websites that have high amounts of traffic. This is because you have a large audience for them to promote their products. Depending on how much traffic you have you can make a good amount of money for a sponsored post.


What You Need To Be Successful On Pinterest

It may take a little while before you get a hand of how Pinterest works. Here are some things you’ll need to do to boost your success on Pinterest:


1. Create a Blog

Web Hosting

Having a website is a great way to earn money through affiliate marketing. This is because you’ll be using the website to promote products to your readers.

Read this post to learn how to start a WordPress website on Siteground in a few easy steps. I use Siteground to host my blog and they’re simply one of the best! You can save 60% by signing up using this link for only $3.95/month with their start-up plan! Don’t miss this deal since the regular price is $9.95/month.


2. Sign up for a Pinterest business account

You’ll need a Pinterest business account for analytical purposes. See how your profile and pins are performing along with how many people you reached daily or monthly too so you’ll know if to edit underperforming images. Sign up for an account here.


3. Sign up on Canva

Canva is an online tool you can use to make stunning images for Pinterest. The best part is that it’s FREE to use the basic features but that’s all you’ll need. I use Canva to create all of my pins and I’ll show you how you can too.


How To Create Compelling Pinterest Pins (Images)


Step 1: Go to Canva in your web browser

How To Create Compelling Pinterest Images: Boost Website Traffic Today

Select “Create A Design” then click “Pinterest Graphic”. It should be under Social Media Posts.


Step 2: Download a background image for your pin

How To Create Compelling Pinterest Images: Boost Website Traffic Today

There are several websites where you can get premium quality images for FREE! Here are some I recommend:


Step 3:  Upload your image into Canva

How To Create Compelling Pinterest Images: Boost Website Traffic Today

In the “Uploads” tab select “Upload your own images” and choose the downloaded image from your library.


Step 4: Resize image to fit the pin

How To Create Compelling Pinterest Images: Boost Website Traffic Today

Take the uploaded image and expand it to fit the pin.


How To Create Compelling Pinterest Images: Boost Website Traffic Today

It should look like this when you’re done.


Step 5: Add an overlay

How To Create Compelling Pinterest Images: Boost Website Traffic Today

Go to the “Elements” tab and select one of the shapes to act as your overlay.


How To Create Compelling Pinterest Images: Boost Website Traffic Today

Adjust the transparency until you can see the image in the background and the overlay or you can just leave it as is.


Step 6: Insert text

How To Create Compelling Pinterest Images: Boost Website Traffic Today

Go to the “Text” tab and select a heading for your text.


Step 7: Edit text

How To Create Compelling Pinterest Images: Boost Website Traffic Today

Here you have several areas to adjust your text to your liking.

  1. Change the font of the text
  2. Alter the size of the text
  3. Select a color for your text
  4. Make it bold, italic, adjust the alignment, choose between upper/lower case
  5. Add bullet points
  6. Change the spacing between each letter

Make the necessary edits and let’s continue making this awesome pin!


Step 8: Download your image and upload it to Pinterest

How To Create Compelling Pinterest Images: Boost Website Traffic Today

Here’s how one of my images looks like when I’m finished editing.


How To Create Compelling Pinterest Images: Boost Website Traffic Today

You can change the name of the image by clicking on the text next to “Share”. After you’re done click “Download” to save the image onto your computer.  Lastly, choose “JPG” as the file format since it has a smaller storage size.

When you’re ready, upload it to Pinterest, link it to your post and that’s it!


Bonus Tip

You should reduce your images’ storage size even more by using TinyPNG. I love using this site mostly because it compresses JPG and PNG images on my blog to make it load faster. Also, it’s FREE for anyone to use!


Guide To Making Stunning Pinterest Images To Increase Blog Traffic


When I started making images using Canva I didn’t really know what I was doing. I know it’s sad to say but most bloggers learn through trial and error and I went through the same. Take a look at one of my first Pinterest images I created:

email marketing


After looking at horrible pins like this one, I decided to make my images stand out some more. This is what you should aim for in order to increase your repins.

Email Marketing is so important for growing my blog. Here is a great way to build my email list! Email list building tips | How to grow your email list | Blogging tips


Alright, I thought these Pinterest images were much better but I felt there was still a lot more room for improvement if I wanted to get viral pins. After doing some research, I found some cool sites where I could get free stock images to help make my pins “pop”!


When looking at my Pinterest stats you can see my new pin designs worked. The image below is based on clicks over the last 30 days.

Creating viral Pinterest pins


I went back to my older designs in the down period. The image below is based on saves over the last 30 days.

Creating Pinterest viral pins


From these stats I realized two things:

  1. Pin design is important for traffic generation (which caused the spike in clicks and saves).
  2. Pinning less appealing pins caused my traffic and saves to drop (as seen in the images above).


Pins like these two below brought in some nice traffic for me during this time. See how they kind of pop off the screen.

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Where To Find Gorgeous Stock Images For A Blog?

The sites I showed you above (Pexels, Unsplash, etc) are good to start off but eventually, you’ll need to take it to the next level. To find out where I get my stock images from, join my FREE blog hacks course. You’ll get to see my best hacks for growing a blog. Sign up below!


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The Final Item You Need To Solve The Pinterest Puzzle


Pinterest Primier | making-beautiful-viral-pinterest-pins-easily and boost traffic

I took Mckinzie’s course, Pinterest Primer because it was really hard for me to understand how to use Pinterest and increase my blog’s traffic. Trust me it’s tough and I’m sure you can relate too. This course helped me to clear up simple mistakes I was making on Pinterest. Mistakes like what you saw above, AKA my pin designs (terrrrrrrrribleeeeeee).

The best thing about this course is that it’s FREE!

P.S. Make sure you complete the course to the end. There’s a surprise that really gives you the ability to dominate Pinterest even more 😀

Click here to get access to Pinterest Primer…FREE!


Thanks for reading!

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