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I knew that I wanted to create a blog and eventually make money from it but I wasn’t fully sure how to do it.

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Display advertising was the first option that came to mind but it is difficult for new websites to earn money with this method since traffic levels are low.


Hence, I searched around for an alternative and stumbled upon Affiliate Marketing. Finally, a way I can make money through my blogging website faster than if I only used ads from programs like Google Adsense.


Once you get the hang of affiliate marketing you too can start earning more money from your website if you never did before. I’m glad I started using this from day 1!


This is not going to be the average affiliate marketing for dummies guide. You’ll find proven steps which I’ve taken to make money with affiliate marketing. So let’s dive in already!


First, let’s discuss what affiliate marketing actually is.


How to make money with affiliate marketing on a website



What Is Affiliate Marketing?


Affiliate Marketing is when a person earns a commission from promoting a company’s products. The person is known as an affiliate and uses links or banners on their website and social media accounts to promote and encourage people to purchase products through their link.


For example, affiliates of the Amazon Associates program may use a link for a toy product on Amazon to promote on their website. Once someone purchases the product using the link provided, that affiliate would earn a commission on what the sale is worth. or another action like signing up on the company website.


With other affiliate programs, you can earn money when someone uses your link to sign up on the company’s website in which you’re promoting.


Companies use affiliate marketing to increase the sales of their products by people who may not have known they even existed at all.



Why use Affiliate Marketing


Many people who have blogs tend to overlook affiliate marketing because they think it’s too complicated or they think there’s no money from doing it. Those people have no idea how much money they are missing out on by not doing affiliate marketing. It’s also very easy to get started too.


There are so many benefits of using affiliate marketing on your blog. Take a look and see if it’s right for you:


Make money with little traffic

It’s simply the best way to start earning money without enormous amounts of traffic. Affiliate marketing is perfect for new bloggers who want to make money on their websites too. You can have a small number of loyal visitors to your blog and make way more money than if you only had ads with much more visitors.


Wide variety of products to promote

You get to choose which products you want to promote on your blog. If readers like the product you are promoting they would buy it and you get paid a percentage of that sale. There are so many types of products to promote depending on your niche. Promote:

  • Online courses
  • Books
  • Clothes
  • Finance Companies
  • Website related products (web hosting, web design)
  • Home decor and much more!


Make passive income

Income from affiliate marketing is somewhat passive. The only work you do is in the initial phase of writing and publishing the posts with your affiliate links. Eventually, these posts will still be earning you income for years to come which is the passive aspect of it. You will continue earning money as long as people buy or sign up for products using your affiliate link.


Work from anywhere

Due to the nature of affiliate marketing, you can work from anywhere. All you need is a website, social media accounts, an internet connection and a laptop or smartphone. It’s that simple!


Pays more than ads from ad networks

Think about it. When was the last time you went to a website and clicked on an ad? Can’t remember right? This is because they are annoying to see. We go online looking for information then an ad pops up from nowhere or they are spread throughout the website. Some people end up avoiding websites with ads which is not good for your online income.


The click-through rate for display ads from ad networks like Google Adsense and is around 0.5%. This means for every 1,000 people that visit your site you will get approximately 5 clicks…just 5 clicks for all those people that visit your site.


However, with affiliate links, you could make a lot or a little bit of money per sale. This is because affiliate links are usually based on cost per action (CPA). The amount you earn depends on the product you are promoting. Financial products pay higher than surveys since the conversion rate is lower.



The Steps You Need To Successfully Start Affiliate Marketing For Dummies



Step 1: Create a blog


how to start a blog course

Having a blog is great way earn money through affiliate marketing. This is because you’ll be using the blog to promote products and services to your readers.


To start, I recommend taking my blogging course, Growing Dollars from Blogging,  to help you start and grow your blog. It’s a great online course for new bloggers!


Click here to see more about the course.




Step 2: Look for affiliate programs


flexoffers affiliate marketing programs

There are so many affiliate programs out there for you to choose from. The best thing to do is sign up on an affiliate network which contains thousands of companies who have affiliate programs.


Some popular ones are Shareasale, Commission Junction, MaxbountyRakutenIgain, Offer Juice, Impact Radius, Amazon’s Affiliate Program and FlexOffers.


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Step 3: Add affiliate links


It’s better to explain this step in a scenario just as an example.


Let’s say you signed up on ShareASale as a publisher (affiliate). Look through their directory of companies join the Etsy affiliate program. After being accepted, get links for the products on Etsy you want to recommend to your readers. Take those affiliate links and add them to your blog posts and emails.


You should always disclose when you are using affiliate links because it’s a legal requirement. I add this sentence at the start of every post.


How to make money with affiliate marketing on a website


You can learn more about disclosures, affiliate links and even no-follow links in a course I’ve taken. I talk more about it later in the post.



Step 4: Build an audience


This step is a little challenging when you just started your website. All you have to do is create great content and you will start to build a loyal following of people who can’t stop reading what you have to say.


Easier said than done, I know.


Your content should be original and useful to your readers. You should actually focus on writing good content first before you look to monetize it.


Then to get traffic to your website you will need to promote on social media. I’m going to make a post on how you can double your traffic, stay tuned!



Step 5: Promote chosen affiliate products


Use your website, blog or social media accounts to promote the chosen affiliate products. Tell your readers about the product, how it will be beneficial to them and any disadvantages of using it. Check out the link below where you’ll see the exact steps I took to promote affiliate products and make money!


Must See Post: How To Make Money With A Blog For Beginners: Actionable Steps You Must See


You want to tell them the truth up front in order to build trust. If they buy a product using your link and it turns out to be something completely different than what you stated, you may lose that reader forever and suffer from negative publicity.



Step 6: Sign up for the Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing Course


How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing On Your Website

Taking Michelle’s course was one of the best things I did for my blog. This online course teaches you how to make money with her affiliate marketing strategies and tips. She actually earns over $50,000+ EACH MONTH through affiliate marketing on her blog Making Sense of Cents and shows you how you could do it too. I started affiliate marketing and I’m only seeing my affiliate income increase each month.


Check out Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing


P.S. There’s also a part of the course where she teaches you the Pinterest strategy for receiving thousands of visitors each month! Don’t miss out on this course.



Bonus Tip

To maximize success with affiliate marketing you should start an email list. All of the top bloggers across different niches have an email list which allows them to send newsletters, recommend their own products and of course affiliate products as well.

Even if you don’t want to send affiliate product links through email, you can still suggest to your subscribers that they read one of your blog posts. With affiliate links throughout that post, you can maximize your chances of earning a commission on the sale and benefit from more traffic to your website too.


Read this post: Explode Your List! The Key Steps To Growing An Email List As A New Blogger to get started with email marketing and building your email list.


Hope this post helped you to gain more knowledge about how to make money with affiliate marketing. After all, everyone should know about these alternative ways to make money on a blog.


Thanks for reading!


Let’s chat about Affiliate Marketing in the comments below.


Some questions for you:

Do you use affiliate marketing?

What do you like about affiliate marketing?




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